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Jennifer Wang-Hall, Ph.D.

Eating Disorders | Trauma

Are you struggling in your relationship with food and your body? Our relationships with food and body can become complicated and you may need guidance to untangle the webs you are caught in. Perhaps other areas of your life have started to suffer like relationships, school, work, or hobbies. Eating disorders and disordered eating can take a toll on your life in so many ways.

The good news- there is a way out! Therapy includes understanding how and why you developed the disorder in the first place, developing coping skills, and looking at your thoughts and feelings.

I can be a guide for you on your recovery journey. I have had the privilege of helping many people heal from disordered eating, anxiety, depression, and trauma. If you are ready to make a change, I am here to help you. Recovery is possible and I encourage you to begin that journey today!

About Dr. Jennifer Wang-Hall

I was brought to the field of eating disorders through a strong interest in understanding how people’s emotions relate to their choices about food and body. This drive brought me to pursue research and clinical work in eating disorders.

In 2017, I graduated with a Ph.D. in psychology. Throughout my clinical training, I developed expertise in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (how your thoughts impact your life) and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (how your emotions impact your decisions and skills you can use to make different choices). I have also gained expertise in the field of trauma, which has helped me work with the many people who struggle with PTSD.

What does this mean about seeing me for therapy? It means I am an experienced therapist with a range of knowledge that can help you pursue your recovery. I will be your partner in this difficult and worthwhile journey. For most cases, I recommend that you start working with a dietitian in conjunction with our therapy. My practice is multiculturally sensitive, Health at Every Size, LGBTQ friendly, and gender affirming.

On a personal note, I am happily married and we have two dogs (Walter and Barney), whom I adore. For fun, I enjoy reading, walking on the beach, and tending to my many plants. I have lived all over the country (Missouri, Colorado, Texas, and California), but feel that I have always been a Californian at heart.

So, that is me. I am so excited to help you on your recovery journey. Please feel free to call me at 573-356-6904 or email me at so we can discuss getting started!



$200 Per session, which includes:

  • 50 minute individual therapy, family, or trauma therapy session
  • Working with your dietitian, psychiatrist, and/or physicians
  • Phone and/or text message coaching


I am out-of-network for insurance plans. My services may be eligible for Health Savings Accounts and Flex Spending Accounts. Additionally, it may be possible to be reimbursed for part of the fees if your insurance plan allows for seeing out-of-network psychologists. Contact your insurance company to find out more about this process.

Accepted Payment Types

  • Credit cards (VISA, AMEX, Mastercard, Discover)
  • Cash or Check
  • Venmo


Individual therapy

  • Strong and supportive therapeutic relationship
  • Exploring your difficult thoughts and feelings
  • Skill development to change coping behaviors
  • Repairing your relationship with food and your body

Family therapy

  • Improve patterns of communication in your family
  • Improve your family’s understanding of disordered eating
  • Discuss specific ways that your family can support you in your recovery process

Trauma therapy

  • Exploring and understanding what happened to you
  • Identifying ways that your trauma has changed your ways of thinking and relationship with yourself
  • Practicing new thoughts that lead to a decrease in unwanted thoughts and emotions

Group therapy

  • Support and connection with other people struggling with their bodies and food
  • Skill development to help you deal with painful emotions and eating disorder urges
  • Opportunity to talk through what is happening in your recovery journey





Jennifer Wang-Hall Psychotherapy

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